Champagne Fit For a Tsar: Pricy Vintage From The Bottom of The Sea

Posted Sep 8, 2008 by M Dee Dubroff
Are you a champagne aficionado? Do you have an expensive collection or yearn for one? Here’ are some royal bottles to add to it, that is, if you don’t need to pay your mortgage or your child’s college tuition. Read on and …hang onto your wallet.
The Romanovs Minus Champagne
The Romanovs Minus Champagne
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The murder of the Romanovs in 1917 marked the end of all dreams of Russian nobility. Still, reminders of nobility linger, like the magnificent Faberge eggs and more recently two hundred bottles of champagne that spent the last 80 years on a seabed off the Finnish coast. According to news sources, the 200 bottles are currently being sold at the Carlton Ritz, an exclusive Russian hotel, for a mere £ 156,000 (approximately $300,000) per bottle!
The 1907 vintage was enroute to Tsar Nicholas and his family from the Heldseik vineyard in Finland in 1916. In 1997 the wreck was discovered and divers retrieved the undamaged bottles from the seabed, which were later purchased by the luxurious Moscow hotel. According to news sources, the hotel plans to put them on their wine list for 700,000 rubles (about $25,000 US dollars) a glass for visiting billionaires to whom this amount is just a bit more than a “mere bag of shells” as Jackie Gleason used to say. A room at the Carlton Ritz (just in case you are planning a trip) is at least £10,000 per night ($20,000 US dollars).
What can one say after “wow?”