Anonymous Individual Posts Bond For Caylee Anthony's Mother

Posted Sep 5, 2008 by Nikki Weingartner
Once again, Casey Anthony will be released from prison but this time, an anonymous individual posted the bond. The reason for the secret bail? A bleeding heart for what they deem as a violation of Casey Anthony's Constitutional rights.
In a back and forth circle of events, Casey Anthony will once again be free from jail as an anonymous person has decided to post the $500,000 US bail money for her release.
The 22-year-old mother of Caylee Anthony, the toddler who has been missing now for nearly three months and who has been presumably confirmed dead via FBI testing of Casey's personal automobile, had been rearrested last Friday on several theft related charges.
After originally serving more than a month in prison on charges of child neglect and filing a false report, a California bounty hunter named Leonard Padilla posted the half a million dollar bail for her release from the Orange County Jail in late August. At that time, police were still waiting for evidence from the FBI crime lab in relation to soil samples taken from a shovel that Casey had borrowed from a neighbor following Caylee's disappearance as well as decomposition samples that set off cadaver dogs during the investigation.
According to a local Orlando news report:
"Hair samples found in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car are definitely that of her daughter, Caylee, and the hair samples do show signs of decomposition, Local 6 confirmed Thursday."
A news report on FOX News detailed the Orange County documents that showed other odd signs:
• Caylee Marie Anthony's mother, Casey Marie Anthony, released from jail last week on $500,000 bond, has been described by her mother Cindy Anthony as a sociopath.
• An unclothed doll belonging to Caylee, who was 2 when she vanished, and a washed dinnerware knife were among the items found in her mother's Pontiac Sunfire. A 'Dora the Explorer' backpack, a child's toothbrush, a black leather bag and a dark-colored belt were also discovered. The car driven by Casey Anthony had scratches on its trunk.
• A man identified as an ex-fiancé of Anthony's told detectives that she deleted hundreds of photographs of herself with Caylee from her Web pages on various social networking sites
Also found in the air samples tested were traces of vaporized chloroform:
Sources with knowledge of the investigation told WESH 2 that air samples from Casey Anthony's car came back positive for vaporized chloroform.
"I think it's as significant or more significant than finding decomposition products," chemist Jeff Flowers said.
Days prior to her being rearrested on the check charges and due to the release of the 400 pages of documents surrounding the case, Padilla was setting forth the process to revoke her bail, stating that he believed Caylee to be dead and that Casey would be "safer" behind bars due to escalating death threats. He originally believed that Caylee was alive and Casey's promises to assist in finding her daughter prompted him to post the bail bond.
So in light of the circus of events leading up to the anonymous bail money posted late yesterday, like the delay in reporting her daughter missing, supposedly lying to her mother about where she was staying and the FBI reports and documents released by authorities, Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, will defend his client to the best of his ability.
Caylee, who turned 3-years-old in early August, is still missing.