Breaking News: Plane With Blown Tire Circling LAX Preparing For Emergency Landing

Posted Sep 2, 2008 by Susan Duclos
An American Airlines plane, Boeing flight 1586 carrying over 100 passengers, is circling LAX preparing for an emergency landing because of a shredded tire.
American Airlines Boeing 757
American Airlines Boeing 757
by matt.hintsa
The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that an American Airlines airplane, flight number 1586, blew a tire out on takeoff bound for Toronto. The Boeing aircraft must make an emergency landing.
Right now the plane is burning up fuel while circling LAX airport preparing for their emergency landing.
Fire fighters and emergency airport crews are awaiting the landing.
Pilots told officials they were planning to circle the airport for 45 minutes to an hour before attempting the emergency landing according to Albert Rodriguez, an LAX spokesman.
According to ABC7 it is a Boeing 737 and has nearly 130 passengers on board with a flight crew of five.
[ Update] Watching the landing on television and there were no sparks and everyone is safe and sound from reports on multiple channels.
Happy ending and the pilot, despite his asking for emergency crews to be on scene for a bad case scenario, landing the plane without any difficulty and looked as normal as if all tires were fine.
Pilots use simulations to practice this type of scenario but do not land planes with blown tires as part of training.