Search Team For Caylee Anthony Turn Up Empty Handed; Investigators Confirm Her Death

Posted Sep 1, 2008 by Nikki Weingartner
For a little girl who has been missing since June and whose mother waited over a month to report that she was missing, the outcome doesn't look good as investigators confirm the little girl is dead and a search team emerges empty handed.
Caylee Marie Anthony
Caylee Anthony went missing in June 2008 and her body was found months later.
Orange County Sheriff's Office
After being rearrested on several charges this past Friday, including forgery and using fraudulent checks, Casey Anthony, the mother of the missing 3-year-old Caylee, will remain in jail until someone can come up with the money for her bail. Despite a California bondsman posting the amount, her bond was revoked and she remains in jail.
Although bond has been posted on those charges, a Clearwater bonding company revoked an earlier bond that had been posted on charges related to the disappearance of Casey's young daughter, Caylee. The company had put up $50,000 of a $500,000 bond. A company spokesman said that bond might be reinstated next week. Until then, unless someone can come up with $50,000, Casey will stay in jail. The Anthony family previously was unable to raise that money.
This holiday weekend, however, the search for Caylee in a wooded area left the search team empty handed and the 3-year-old still missing but now, presumed dead.
According to a WFTV report:
Teams of volunteers spent their holiday combing through 20 acres of woods near Orlando International Airport, searching for the body of Caylee Anthony. More than 100 people signed up and were split into teams to search areas where sheriff's investigators believe the body could be. The search was organized by a Texas group called EquuSearch.
It had also been confirmed by FBI and local authorities that Casey's car did indeed contain evidence of a dead and decomposing body and as quoted Sgt. John Allen by WFTV "We clearly have evidence that indicates there was a dead body in the trunk of Casey's car and that that body was Caylee's."
In an ABC news report, the ongoing court related chaos was explained:
At a court hearing that reportedly lasted a little over a minute over the weekend, Judge Mike Miller set Anthony's bail at $3,000 for the new charges.
She is now being held on a total of six charges, including the original charges of child neglect and lying to investigators. Her total bail is $503,200, according to a report by The Orlando Sentinel.
As reports show, Caylee's mother failed to report her daughter missing for five weeks and 911 tapes released show the little girl's grandmother's distress over her disappearance and a possible "dead" body smell in the trunk of Casey's car. When hairs matching the little girl's turned up in the trunk of her mother's car, along with a horrible smell, the grandmother retracted her statement claiming the smells could possibly be from garbage.
The missing girl's mother told reporters during her original bond hearing that the smell was from pizza.
Casey Anthony had been arrested on several charges in association with Caylee's disappearance and was released on bail in late August.
With details about how Casey had originally wanted to give the little girl up for adoption and now the unfolding of these horrific events and confirmations, the outlook for Caylee is beginning to take a turn for the worse.