A DVD camcorder from Panasonic Avilable for $170

Posted Aug 25, 2008 by Chris V. Thangham
Circuit City is selling a Panasonic DVD camcorder for only $170 including shipping. It has some basic features and is good for first-time buyers.
The Panasonic VDR-D210 MiniDVD Camcorder
The Panasonic VDR-D210 MiniDVD Camcorder
Courtesy Circuit City
The prices for DVD camcorders used to start at $600 but now the prices are falling with new technologies on the horizon. Panasonic, which used to sell high-priced DVD camcorders, are now selling in the low price range also.
Circuit City in the U.S. will now sell Panasonic VDR-D210 mini-DVD camcorder for $169.96 including free shipping. You have to add sales tax in your local state. At other places it costs $50 more.
According to, the mini-DVD camcorder is an entry-level camcorder with some nice basic features such as 32 X optical zoom, a 2.7 inch LCD, optical image stabilization and a compact design.
However, this model doesn’t have still-image capture and it has a low image and video quality because of the low megapixel CCD sensor (0.68 megapixels). The recording time is limited with the use of mini-DVDs and transferring them to PC might be a problem.
For complete specifications of Panasonic VDR-D210 Camcorder click here.
CNet said it is an inexpensive entry-level DVD camcorder for those who want quick videos. But if you want added features you have to pay more.
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