Ex-Rocker Glitter, Molester Without a Country?

Posted Aug 21, 2008 by Gar Swaffar
Former rocker Gary Glitter has been refused entry to Hong Kong by Chinese authorities. After leaving Vietnam and transiting through Thailand.
The ex-rocker Gary Glitter is something of an international pariah these days, having been released from a Vietnamese prison after serving most of a a three year term for child molestation of two girls aged 10 and 11, Glitter attempted to enter Thailand but was refused entry to that country.
Glitter was forced to board a plane bound for Hong Kong en route to the U.K. but when the aircraft landed at Hong Kong he refused to board the next plane going to London.
Chinese authorities in Hong Kong refused to allow Glitter to remain in Hong Kong, and it is still up in the air whether or not Thailand will allow him to return there.
Lt. Gen. Chatchawal Suksomchit, the chief of Thailand's immigration police, said Glitter was denied entry because under Thai immigration laws, those convicted of child sex abuse in a foreign country can be barred.
Glitter reportedly refused to board the plane to London due to health problems while in the Thai airport, but after visiting an airport clinic, he was returned to the waiting area for the flight to London, which he refused to board, opting instead for a flight to Hong Kong. In total 19 nations have refused entry to Glitter, so far.
Glitter may be refusing to return to Britain because of pending legal reforms which will allow British authorities to restrict the travel of convicted child molesters.
While Glitter, 64, was doing his utmost to avoid the UK, Home Secretary Miss Smith seemed determined to bring him home and keep him here.
She was accused at Westminster of trying to manage the news by waiting for a 'celebrity pervert' to promote her tough measures to curtail paedophiles' rights to travel.
While finding a country willing to allow him in is a problem, funding the move to that country may not be much of a stretch for the ex-rocker, he had previously sold the rights to his back catalogue of hits to the tune of £5 million before his legal problems in Vietnam placed him in prison for abusing the two girls at his Vietnamese villa.
Which was not the beginning of his child sexploitation problems, he had already served two months in a British jail for having extensive numbers of child pornography pictures on a laptop computer he had taken in for repair.
The one thing which is certain in the unfolding story is that wherever this ex rocker lands, he will need to be kept under scrutiny by those who know his proclivities.