Op-Ed: Second American Revolution Grassroots Movement

Posted Aug 13, 2008 by Maggie M. Thornton
Thomas Paine, the 1776 author of Common Sense, visits 21st Century America to build a fire under our great silent majority, urging us to fight back against a do-nothing Majority Party.
This rousing video essay urges the great silent majority to save the future of America. One country, one culture, one language. Is it a coincidence that 53 countries, mostly in Africa, have declared English their national language, asks the vintage Thomas Paine?
How often do we hold our politicians accountable for making our government work for the people? Are we satisfied with their performance? Their accomplishments? Have they fulfilled their campaign promises?
In the face of high fuel prices and security concerns, President Bush recently lifted the Presidential moratorium on offshore drilling. A Congressional vote, yea or nay, is necessary to lift the Congressional ban.
When Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, shut-down the U.S. House of Representatives for a five week vacation, an up-or-down vote on offshore drilling was set aside. Some 90 Republican House members returned and stood on the House floor sans lights, microphones and cameras.
Speaker Pelosi refuses to allow a vote. Who do we hold accountable? Is she acting against the will of the people?
Investors Business Daily reports in an IBD/TIPP poll: of the 920 adults queried 73% think prices at the fuel pump are a bigger problem for America than global warming, or climate change.
Moreover, they stand willing to do something about it, including and especially drilling for oil in the Outer Continental Shelf and in federal shale reserves in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah.
Only 23% say climate change is more important.
The sentiment prevails across the board — among men and women, old and young, rich and poor, and Republicans, independents and Democrats, two-thirds of whom say gas prices are more important.
Support for offshore drilling and oil shale development is also broad-based, with the former favored by 64% of respondents and the latter by 65%.
The percentage of those in favor of drilling in ANWR was smaller, but a majority, nevertheless: 47% for drilling and 43% against. Republicans favor ANWR by 68% with Democrats opposing by 56%. Here's a switch: only 39% of women approve of developing ANWR with 56% of men approving. Among both men and women, however, "the older and wealthier the respondents, the more they are in favor."
No matter your opinion about the energy crisis, or whether we should drill or not, this 21st Century Thomas Paine is right about the central issue: hold our Congress accountable - insist on common sense legislation from our "non-representing Representatives."
Call the Congressional switchboard, 1-866-340-9281 the most important phone number in your democracy, call them every hour, every day, but take back America now. Tell them to listen to the silent majority or be thrown out on their hind-quarters."