Dem Delegate Dumped, Dissension Disallowed

Posted Jul 26, 2008 by Gar Swaffar
A Wisconsin Democratic delegate to the Democratic national convention has been dumped by her state party for saying she would support Sen. John McCain
John McCain and Hillary Clinton
John McCain and Hillary Clinton
Courtesy of Political Machine
Debra Bartoshevich is a former delegate to the Democrat national convention now, she has been stripped of her delegate status after her comment she would vote for McCain when the news of Hillary Clinton dropping out of the race became public.
The administrative committee of the Wisconsin Democratic Party (WDP) took away her delegate status in a unanimous vote of 23-0 today. The defection of a Clinton supporter to the Republican candidate was apparently too much for the WDP to live with, despite the mother of two children telling the WDP she had made the June outburst in a moment of emotion after Clinton dropped out of the race.
An additional strike against Ms. Bartoshevich was her affiliation to "Citizens for McCain," which Ms. Bartoshevich had explained as having been signed up for by her sister who is a McCain supporter. But during a teleconference between the state committee and Ms. Bartoshevich committee member Dottie LeClaire responded.
"You reached right back and hugged them. I have a problem with that,"
The rules of the delegate committee require each delegate to support the Party Nominee and each delegate must be faithful to the party.
I would have hoped there might be room for each delegate to make up their mind as to which Democrat nominee to support, but rules are rules, even if they require absolute fealty without dissension among the rank and file.
In the mean time, the runner up for the delegate position has been named to replace Ms. Bartoshevich. She is much more likely to toe the party line I'm sure. Perhaps the Democrats should cancel the convention and save the money to use for ads against Republican John McCain, since there is to be no variance from the chosen nominee.