Mr. Media Interview: Stephen Chao, web entrepreneur, ex-Fox TV pres.

Posted Jul 18, 2008 by Bob Andelman
If you think Fox TV is edgy and kooky now, you should’ve seen it back in the early ‘90s when Stephen Chao was a programmer and eventually its President.
He commissioned “COPS,” created “America’s Most Wanted,” and earned a reputation for creating commercial success by pushing boundaries and questioning the conventional wisdom. Chao rose to president of Fox Television and later held the same position at USA Cable where he launched “Monk.”
He dropped from sight for a few years. I hear he did a lot of surfing, and he’s now back in a new medium promoting a website, If you want to see videos such as “Make Your Desk a More Creative Space” or “Increase Boob Size on Pictures with Photoshop” -- yes, I did like that one myself -- check out
You can LISTEN to this Mr. Media interview with STEPHEN CHAO by clicking the audio player above!
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