Two Headed Pheasant Discovered In England

Posted Jul 12, 2008 by Michelle Duffy
Strange photographs have been taken in the grounds of an old stately home in the Midlands in the UK apparently showing a two headed pheasant
Portsmouth in England Map. Image:
Portsmouth in England Map. Image:
The photographs have caused quite a stir at the home as it has been rumoured to be actually a hoax. Back in 2004, some residents got into a panic when it was “discovered” that a crocodile was on the loose.
The pictures were quickly sent to the BBC from a photographer at Himley Hall near the town of Dudley, near Birmingham.
The bird, or at least the picture bearing a striking resemblance to a creation which was claimed one belonging to a local artist, Annabel de Vetten. She uses stuffed birds for her work and had two of the pheasant of which one, disappeared.
She says she fears that the missing one may have got into the hands of a group who have a long history of hoaxing the public.
The other of the famous two headed pheasant is currently being exhibited at the city’s Birmingham's Custard Factory arts centre, but was reported missing last week.
Speaking on behalf of the stately manor house, Sally Newell, told BBC News,
"There are always strange quirks of nature, but that one I would reserve judgement on."