Disgruntled Rogers iPhone Customers in Canada Start Online Petition

Posted Jun 28, 2008 by Chris V. Thangham
Canadian telco Rogers announced their data plan for iPhone customers in Canada yesterday and many are outraged at the prices Rogers proposes. A new site has been set up to sign an online petition to voice protest against Rogers.
Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone
Illustration by, product shot courtesy Apple Inc.
Rogers proudly announced their data plans for iPhones in Canada yesterday. You can see the full plan in previous coverage on by Sarawanan Ravindran.
Rogers may be happy to release the new iPhone 3G in Canada, but customers are not very happy with what the company wants to charge for data plans. Rogers’ customers must sign a three-year contract with the purchase of the new iPhone 3G to get the phone at $199 (CDN). The three-year contract is the norm with other phone companies in Canada as well.
But then the real trouble starts with the company's varying phone calling plans and data plans.
The site “F**” has established an online petition, so unhappy Rogers customers can sign and voice their protests. The site gives the following reason for their online petition:
Everyone would like to say "F#%K YOU" to Rogers/Fido for screwing our iPhone Canadian dream with poor data/voice plans. If you consider these plans not suitable, please sign this petition. On July 11th 2008, we will send a printed copy of all these messages to Rogers HQ to demonstrate our indignation toward them. We would like to say "Thank You, You" for signing this petition and helping the iPhone cause in Canada.
I have signed the petition even though I don't live in Canada, but I had to because I think the rates are absurd to what we pay in the U.S.
You can sign the petition at this link. You can view the signatures here.
Some of the responses are given below:
Why in the world would you make it difficult for your customers to purchase the most desirable phone on the market? This phone is meant for internet browsing...not limited by your ridiculously low (and expensive) limits....
Please make the plans for reasonable for the iPhone as the plans you have come up with are really not that great. WE WANT AFFORDABLE UNLIMITED DATA LIKE BELL AND TELUS OFFER IN CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Je voulais acheté l'iphone mais vos tarfis sont trop cher!!!!! ...
And many more.
In some cases, online petition don’t move a company to action, but an online complaint with the government may make these companies alter their positions. If you want to file a complaint with Canadian government, then you can file it at this link, Enquiry/Complaint Form of the Competition Bureau of Canada.