Samsung Launches L700 Mobile Phone

Posted Jun 20, 2008 by Vinay Chand
Samsung launches its new L700 phone in a bid to raise the standard of bar type phones widely available in the market. The phone is to be released this July.
Presenting the new Samsung L700, a stylishly sleek phone loaded with features. It has been built in a way to make it convenient and easy to use for consumers.
The L700 comes with a dazzling metal body finish, an ergonomic keypad making it easier for basic necessities like dialing numbers or typing messages. It has a 2.1 inch display preferable enough for entertainment and media purposes, 3G support for video conferencing, video calls and high-speed internet access, a 2 megapixel camera (which might be considered a bit of a con owing to the other features on the phone, but then again, you can't have everything!) with flash LED, supports office documents and bluetooth along with other entertainment feaures.
The phone is set to be released across Eastern Europe this July and later in other markets of the Middle East, Southwest & Southeast Asia.
Sadly, the price of the handset is not yet known and is to be announced. Nevertheless, this user-friendly phone is something to look forward to.