Will Bower, Founder of PUMA and Clinton-Backer, To Support McCain

Posted Jun 13, 2008 by Can Tran
Recently, the group known as “Party Unity My A—“ (PUMA) was formed by those frustrated that Hillary Clinton was not the Democratic nominee. Will Bower said that he will support McCain.
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Will Bower is known as the person who had created the group known as “Party Unity My A—“ (PUMA), after Senator Hillary Clinton of New York had lost the Democratic nomination. The ongoing contest between Clinton and Senator Barack Obama of Illinois had created a rift within the Democratic Party. The ruling by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) had left many supporters for Clinton bitter and frustrated.
There are plenty that have expressed enough frustration to consider voting for presumed GOP nominee Senator John McCain of Arizona instead. Yes, tensions and frustrations are definitely high. Clinton is tasked with getting her supporters to get behind presumed Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama of Illinois. But, this task is no cake walk.
Obama is going to have to earn their support. However, it seems that Obama has been making strides with Clinton’s supporters according to a recent poll. The Republican National Committee (RNC) has launched a salvo of attack ads against Obama. Recently, a video of an old clip of Clinton saying McCain would make a better leader than Obama was uploaded onto YouTube.
McCain did not hesitate to go after the Clinton supporters. Will Bower, the founder of PUMA; wants Clinton in office. Bower would not settle for Obama. Instead, Bower has openly said he will support McCain.
Bower has formed PUMA to get other frustrated Clinton supporters to make a stance. This stance is to keep Obama from winning the US Presidency. Bower is not just angry at Obama, he is angry at the whole Democratic Party.
But, Bower did reveal that most of PUMA is mainly of female supporters of Clinton. However, it is highly likely that the female supporters are in their middle ages. Poll results show that Obama has fared better amongst the younger voters than the elderly voters. As the voter ages got higher, the more likely they would support Clinton. As the voter ages got lower, the more likely they would support Obama.
Even the Feminist movement was split between Clinton and Obama. The older ones have sided with Clinton while the younger ones have sided with Obama.
In the case of Bower, he said he hopes that the GOP will find more dirt on Obama.
However, many could say that Bower is whining and complaining that Clinton did not become the Democratic nominee. There were many reasons cited on why Clinton had lost the nomination. Many have blamed how Clinton’s campaign had operated.
In regards to the DNC rules, Obama’s campaign had done a better job with the research.