Apple's new iPhone ready for world domination?

Posted Jun 5, 2008 by Chris V. Thangham
On June 9, 2008, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is expected to unveil a new 3G iPhone at the Worldwide Developers’ Conference in San Francisco. Apple is expected to then release the new iPhone in 50 countries.
Steve Jobs at Macworld 2007 unveiling iPhone.
Steve Jobs at Macworld 2007 unveiling iPhone.
File photo courtesy of Apple
iPhones are currently no longer available in the U.S. and U.K., so it's clear Apple will be unveiling something new next week. The first iPhones were a phenomenal success for Apple and experts think the new one will be even bigger, helping Apple surpass even its own target of selling 10 million iPhones by 2008.
The new iPhone will overcome some of the limitations of the first iPhone, and is rumored to have 3G, GPS, video conferencing, more memory, Live TV, a faster processor, colors, a slimmer version, better camera (2 Megapixels or more) and improved batteries.
The first version was launched only in the U.S. and in five other European countries, but this new version will be released in at least 50 new countries.
And recently, Apple added Japan to this list by partnering with Japan’s Softbank Mobile, the third largest mobile operator. Also, Australia will have the iPhone later this month, distributed via Optus and Vodafone networks. Hong Kong and Macau will get the new iPhone through its Hutchison Telecommunications’ 3 mobile.
After Jobs unveils the new iPhone, it will likely be sold by end of this month. It released the first iPhone in June 29, 2007, so Apple may release the new iPhone on the same date this year according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Jobs will also introduce third-party applications, which will make it more appealing for business users who use Blackberry at the moment.
Another reason Apple may hit its sales target is price; Apple is expected to release a low-end iPhone with a price tag of $200, which will make it affordable for many more people.