Registered Sex Offender Arrested, Charged After Trying to Hire Undercover Cop Hitman

Posted Jun 1, 2008 by Susan Duclos
A registered sex offender from California was arrested in Peoria, Arizona after unknowingly trying to hire an undercover detective posing as a hit man, in an alleged plot to kill his wife.
Frank Arnold
Frank Arnold
Photo courtesy Maricopa County Sheriff
Frank Arnold, 59, was arrested on Thursday, after contacting who he thought was a hit man in a plot to allegedly kill his wife, stating he wanted the job done by June 2, 2008. However, the hit man was an undercover detective.
Officials say Frank Arnold gave the detective multiple pictures of his wife and other family members, the address of her Tucson residence and offered to pay him $1,500 in advance with an additional $3,000 after the job was completed.
They set up a meeting for May 29, 2008, where Arnold gave the undercover detective the $1,500 down payment, after which Maricopa County Sheriff Office law enforcement officials surrounded Arnold and placed him under arrest.
Frank Arnold was given numerous opportunities to cancel the contract, but made it clear to the detective that he wanted it done.
All conversations between Arnold and the undercover detective were recorded and captured on video.
He is being charged with one felony count of conspiracy to commit murder 1st degree and one count of solicitation to commit murder 1st degree.
The man's reason for wanting his wife killed was because he wanted his kids back and was "sick of his wife."