Craigslist strikes back at eBay

Posted May 14, 2008 by Andy
After eBay sues Craigslist for violating rights as a minority shareholder, Craigslist counter-sues for alleged unfair competition.
In earlier news, Craigslist was being sued by eBay for violating eBay's rights. Now, Craigslist is striking back at eBay and counter-suing for behaving unfairly toward Craigslist.
Craig Newmark and Jim Buckmaster, Craigslist partners, accuse eBay of trying to receive confidential information about Craigslist for eBay's rival classified website, Kijiji. Earlier, the New York Times reported that eBay and Craigslist were trying to stiffen the competition by Kijiji e-mailing all of its users with announcements about Kijiji, while Craigslist recently came out with new classified pages for areas where Kijiji was dominant.
Craigslist also accuses eBay of posting misleading ads on searches that mention Craigslist but lead to eBay, receiving revenue from these ads.
Craigslist asks that eBay return its shares and the money it is receiving from these ads.