Zimbabwe parties to check results

Posted Apr 28, 2008 by Owen Weldon
The results of the disputed election in Zimbabwe will be reviewed by the electoral commission when representatives of Zimbabwe's presidential candidates meet with the commission.
Robert Mugabe  Zimbabwe s brutal president.
Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's brutal president.
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The results will be announced when they agree on the final figures, according to officials. The results still have not been published and it has been more than four weeks after the vote.
President Robert Mugabe was beat outright according to Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai. Fifteen of the MDC's supporters have been killed in post-election violence according to the MDC.
On Friday more than 200 of the MDC's activists were arrested during a police raid on its Harare headquarters.
Lawyers who represent MDC said that they have filed an urgent High Court appeal for them to be freed and they have also been denied access to them.
MDC lawyer Alec Muchadehama told sources that the supporters are being detained while police are trying to figure out what to charge them with.
The police responded back and said that they were looking for people who are involved in political violence. The people who were arrested fled their homes after attacks by ruling party supporters, according to the MDC.
Louise Arbour is the human rights commissioner and she said that she is concerned after hearing about political violence and intimidation in the aftermath of last month's elections. She pointed her finger towards the rural supporters of the governing Zanu-PF party.
If the post election violence continues than it is possible that Washington will seek UN sanctions against Zimbabwe, according to the top US envoy to Africa, Jendayi Frazer.
The political violence is happening because of the government according to opposition and human rights groups and Frazer has urged African leaders to speak loudly against political violence.
There is evidence of more than 450 beatings, one death and about 1,000 people who have been displaced and the U.S. embassy has received documented evidence to prove these incidents, Frazer said.
Frazer's comments comes a day after the electoral commission said that Mugabe's Zanu-PF failed to regain its parliamentary majority after votes were recounted partially.
When the recounts took place the results were unchanged in 18 of 23 seats.
Some people can not deal with losing at all and it is obvious that Mugabe has lost the elections and he does not want to go and now all this violence and intimidation has erupted over the nation because of this.