Mother Found Dead With Bag Over Head And Her Three Children Missing

Posted Apr 22, 2008 by Nikki Weingartner
The mother of three young children found dead in her own home with a plastic bag over her head and her children missing. A nationwide Amber Alert has been activated and the father of two of the children is a suspect in the abduction.
Sophia Garcia, 30, was found on Monday in her Humboldt Park home with a plastic bag over her head. Her children, ages are 6, 7 and 11, are missing and were last seen leaving the elementary school they attend.
The supposed father of two of the children, 32-year-old Benito Casanova, is said to be the suspect in the abduction. Although he is authorized to pick up two of the children, all three children are missing.
Casanova has not yet been named a suspect in Sophia’s murder, which has been ruled a homicide.
Police believe Casanova is driving a silver or gray 2002 Dodge Dakota with Illinois license plates 86196HB. They say he may be headed to Mexico.
Police have labeled Garcia's death a homicide, but they have not named Casanova as a suspect. They want to find him to see if he has any idea about the whereabouts of the children. Anyone with information is asked to call 312-746-8282.
Another hateful case where parents feel entitled to violently take what they deem is their property, when in reality are human lives that are really frightened children. If he has these children, he is toying with the emotional future of generations of families by his selfish and violent acts.