A&M Satellite Campus Goes In Lockdown Due To Armed Illegal Immigrant In Pursuit

Posted Apr 17, 2008 by Nikki Weingartner
At around 3:30pm CST yesteday, a satellite campus of Texas A&M was placed on lockdown when a suspected armed illegal immigrant ran onto the campus after the truck he allegedly hijacked was pulled over for speeding.
A U.S. Border Protection agent on patrol.
A U.S. Border Protection agent on patrol.
Photo by Gerald L Nino, U.S. Customs & Border Protection
According to one news report, the driver had said he was taken hostage by a group of illegal immigrants and forced at gunpoint to drive the group of around twelve illegals to Kingsville, Texas. When they were pulled over at the college campus, the suspected illegal immigrants fled.
The campus remained in lockdown for about three hours while law enforcement officials chased those who fled the truck. The driver and five of the passengers, who were confirmed illegal, were being held at a local Border Patrol station as of Wednesday night.
The Caller Times
The truck driver said he had been forced at gunpoint to take the illegal immigrants to Kingsville, according to Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Eric Hinojosa. Texas A&M University at Kingsville spokeswoman Jill Scoggins said one person with a gun was taken into custody, but Doty said that had not been confirmed. Scoggins said no one was hurt.
…authorities had captured a man with a gun near the campus and several other men who were unarmed, according to a university e-mail sent to students.
The other 6 have not been reported found, nor have there been reports of their being in police custody.
Campus occupants were not allowed to leave and were asked to remain inside of buildings. All activities were cancelled for Wednesday but will resume as scheduled for Today. The school’s alert system notified the nearly 7,500 faculty and students by email and voice mail of the situation.
As for the five illegal immigrants who were apprehended in the chase, they will likely face charges of “unlawful entry”, according to a spokesperson for the Border Patrol.
No one was injured in the incident. The driver’s immigration status was not released.
This situation follows just a week after two truckloads of illegal immigrants pulled over in nearby areas carrying around forty men and women created a cat and mouse chase. Only thirteen of the the just over 3-dozen were caught.