Help a GI Out, Clip a Coupon

Posted Mar 11, 2008 by Mark L Harvey
Do the military member, man or woman, a huge favor and join a group of elderly ladies and clip coupons for the troops. There is a small "army" of the elderly that are doing their part, remembering what it was like during WWI and WWII.
They remember when Patriotism ran thick and thicker and political persuasion was not an issue. As the report reveals, their weapons of choice are scissors and coupons. Sound odd? Read the whole report here.
The group is a spread out across the country as most families are these days but their unity comes in their hearts, their minds and their willingness to do their part in the War On Terror. They are A Band of Grannies.
[...] In a new era of American warfare, when people are told to support the war effort by boosting the economy by shopping or simply by going on with their lives, these women think more should be done. They are from an older generation that remembers the days of war bonds and rations, and they are trying again to make a difference, one coupon at a time. [...]
The Band of Grannies say the work is gratifying in that they are doing their part. The coupons are used to aid military families overseas to be used in the base and off-base commissaries that accept the coupons.
[...] The coupons are honored up to six months past expiration at overseas bases, where base officials distribute them to the spouses and children of troops who sometimes struggle to make ends meet on military salaries. [...]
Do your part as well...clip a coupon for a GI.