Mario and Sonic are money makers when put together

Posted Mar 5, 2008 by Owen Weldon
Sega's Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games? The meeting of gaming character is being met with mixed reviews but the power of the two iconic names shouldn't been counted out because the new game is being offered for both the Wii and DS platforms.
Even Mario will fall flat on his face.
Even Mario will fall flat on his face.
As of today 5 million copies of the game has been sold worldwide according to Sega of America. Simon Jeffery, Sega's president, said that most of the sales have been on the Wii because the DS version didn't debut until January.
The game has the most momentum of any other game title for Sega since it gave up its console business and started selling software exclusively, according to Jeffery. The success of the game proves that people are drawn to casual games that offer wide appeal.
The game is fun and Jeffery says that this is the kind of game a person can play for 20 minutes and then come back later and play again. People play this game and have fun playing it and the game is not demanding hours and hours of game play.
Sega hopes that the game will become bigger because there is still four months to go until the actual Olympics. Nintendo had concerns that only Nintendo games do well on its systems but even though the game is using a third-party title this might be good news for Nintendo because this might give hope to other developers trying to make big money on the Nintendo platforms.