Rhetoric vs action and what the leading Dem candidates have actually done

Posted Feb 21, 2008 by Thespian
In the middle of the Democratic political "horse race" for the nomination, there have been many claims and counter claims as to who has done what, and which candidate would be better able to lead. One citizen decided to check their records for herself.
Grassroots Mom over at DailyKos (respected, left-leaning, political blog) has an excellent bit of research and reporting into what the leading Democratic candidates, Clinton and Obama, have actually done with their time in the Senate.
The results may surprise you, no matter which candidate you favor. I won't steal Grassroots Mom's thunder, but I will commend her for her journalistic investigations, and insightful summary.
This kind of citizen activism to do one's own research is valuable, and the idea on which sites like DJ are built. Don't believe the hype or the rhetoric from either side. Do your own research, and make up your own mind.