Generators Damage Environment

Posted Feb 6, 2008 by Bob Ewing
It may feel good to use a generator to supply power because you are convinced that you are doing no environmental harm but you would be wrong as generators are causing considerable environmental damage.
red generator/ courtesy flickr/kylemac
red generator/ courtesy flickr/kylemac
An article in The Times advises carbon emissions released by the generators used during load shedding are causing major damage to the environment.
South Africa is already the biggest source of carbon dioxide. Diesel and petrol generators are adding to its carbon footprint, according to Dr Morne du Plessis, chief executive of the World Wide Fund for Nature South Africa.
Du Pleiss was speaking at The Delta Environmental Centre in Johannesburg yesterday and claimed power outages meant big industries, as well as households, are using more environmentally harmful fuel generators for energy.
Du Pleiss said: “South Africa produces 20 percent more carbon emission per unit of GDP (gross domestic product) than America.
“Secunda (a hub of the petroleum industry) is the biggest single carbon emission site in the world. We can’t continue as we are now.”
Du Plessis is advising South Africa to invest in alternative sources of energy rather than spending billions of rands building new coal-powered stations that might have a negative impact on the environment.