Win Restores Heart To Giants’ Fans

Posted Feb 4, 2008 by Charles W. Kim
The New York Giants win in Super Bowl XLII showed fans the true championship spirit that they knew always existed. The victory will live long throughout the annals of the NFL as one of the best in history.
By Charles W. Kim (Sbreporter1)
You take a lot of heat being a New York Giants fan.
I remember many, many years of frustration and heartache as my team would blow opportunity after opportunity in the crucial final minutes of games to come out on the losing side.
All of that frustration evaporated Sunday when quarterback Eli Manning lobbed the football to the waiting arms of receiver Plaxico Burress in the end zone as the final seconds of Super Bowl XLII fell through the hourglass of history.
My team defeated that which (the pundits said) couldn’t be beaten, the New England Patriots 17-14 for the NFL Championship.
An impressive and almost historic perfect Patriot season stood as a mighty obelisk in front of Big Blue as the final game started.
New England accumulated 18 consecutive wins in the 2007-08 season, a formidable task for any professional football team. They were knocking at history’s door.
The Miami Dolphins legendary Don Shula team went 17-0 in 1972 including a Super Bowl victory to become the only undefeated team in the Super Bowl era. That record has stood for 35 years.
To put it in perspective, Barry Bonds bested Hank Arron’s home run record in baseball with 745 and Cal Ripken Jr. played an entire career, breaking Lou Gehrig’s more than 4,000 consecutive games since the Dolphins played that perfect season.
Brother Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts fell short after 13 consecutive wins two years ago in the first real test of the record before New England’s run this year.
With that kind of history, saying the Giants were underdogs would definitely be an understatement.
For most people, the stage in Arizona was set to crown the new generation of perfection, setting the bar two-wins higher than the mighty Dolphins.
Eli, Burress, Michael Strahan, and fellow Giant teammates had other ideas.
Defensively, the Giants manhandled the Patriots, shutting down one of the highest scoring teams in the league by only allowing 14 points and making New England’s veteran quarterback Tom Brady see more turf than end zone.
Manning, fresh from a spectacular and composed playoff run, performed at a level usually reserved for brother Peyton and even Brady, as he led his troops down the field at the end of the game without the luxury of surrender.
The final 83-yard drive should go down in the annals of the game with Denver’s John Elway famous late-game crusade.
The game was a true test of two championship teams and one of the best Super Bowl’s to date.
For diehard Giants fans, it was pure redemption. Seeing the team win in such classic and amazing fashion wipes away all the past failures and dashed hopes.
It is the way football is meant to be played and the stuff true legends are made of.