Former DEA agents sue in NY over depiction in 'American Gangster'

Posted Jan 16, 2008 by MadMoneyWannabe
Several retired federal drug enforcement agents have decided to sue NBC Universal because "American Gangster" had falsely made these DEA's look like villains in the story of Frank Lucas played by Denzel Washington.
According to The New York Post, a suit has been filed in a Manhattan court that claims that the movie "American Gangster" defamed hundreds of DEA agents and police offers. This is because at the end of the movie it claims that three quarters of New York City's Drug Enforcement Agency had been prosecuted with the collaboration of Frank Lucas.
Frank Lucas had become a government informant once he was convicted, and his tips led to the prosecutions of several fellow drug dealers. The lawsuit stated that no DEA agents or police officers were ever convicted from the tips.
According to Dominic Amorosa, a prosecutor in federal cases against Lucas in 1975 said "this is absolutely off the wall." Amorosa said that the filmmakers unfairly messed with the reputation of these agents who had risked their lives to lock up Lucas and other drug dealers.
Garrison Courtney, a DEA spokesman in Washington, had confirmed that no agents were charged with the wrongdoing in the case.