And The Next President of The United States Is...

Posted Jan 4, 2008 by PTBartman
Who will win the 2008 Presidential election? Will it be an Iowa Caucus winner? Will it be a New Yorker? Will it even be a Democrat or a Republican? Only one man claims to know for sure and The Amazing Kreskin ain't talking.
One of the casts of Auguste Rodin s  The Thinker
One of the casts of Auguste Rodin's "The Thinker"
The seventy two year old Kreskin has been amazing the American public with his predictions for over fifty years. He's been a concert pianist, an author and a guest on countless TV shows from Johnny Carson to Howard Stern. He has performed at casinos, nightclubs, universities, and corporate and private functions.
Born into a Polish-Italian family in Montclair, N.J., Kreskin, at age 12, discovered his remarkable ability to find hidden objects during childhood games. By his teens, he was nationally recognized as "the World's Youngest Hypnotist" and was collaborating in psychological clinical studies extending into the realm of parapsychology and the power of suggestion.
In addition to performing he also serves as a training consultant to law enforcement and security personnel in the development of their own powers of observation and "intuitive" skills.
Kreskin (right) and Joey Renolds. - Photo courtesy of
Kreskin (right) and Joey Renolds. - Photo courtesy of
"I am staking my reputation on this prediction," Kreskin remarked, "and I'm completely confident that I've picked the winner. There is no doubt in my mind!"
He says he recorded his prediction, initialed by a rabbi in the presence of the media, at a news conference held Dec. 6 at the World Bar (across from the United Nations) in New York City. The sealed, steel case containing the prediction will remain on display on a shelf above the bar until two days after the November 6th election, when his prediction will be revealed to all.
Later that night, he explained the whole thing on Joey Reynolds WOR radio show leaving the radio host "a steel case backup with the combination used for the World Bar steel case."