Huckabee Called Scab for Crossing Picket Line

Posted Jan 3, 2008 by PTBartman
Wannabe populist and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee crossed the picket lines of striking writers last night to be the returning Jay Leno's first guest. Governor Huckabee poked fun at his weight loss and jammed on bass with Kevin and the band.
In a week dogged by mis-steps Governor Huckabee, locked in a tight race with rival Mitt Romney, claimed that he thought the strike was over. And that “the union had reached agreement with all late-night shows.” No deal has been reached with Leno's show.
Huckabee was greeted with at least one picket sign calling him a "scab" as he crossed the line that included MASH creator Larry Gelbert and “Two and a half men” star Jon Cryer.
A statement from his campaign later said that Huckabee "would only agree to join Jay, an active member of the Writers Guild, for the taping after he was assured that no replacement writers were being used in the show's production. ... Huckabee believes that the writers deserve to be fairly compensated for the sale of their work."
So far nobody from the campaign has answered the question, if Governor Huckabee thought that the strike was over why did he need to be “assured that no replacement writers were being used in the show's production.”
Although Cryer did offer this possible answer “Maybe it's true, he's an idiot.”
While CBS News political analyst Jeff Greenfield, appearing this morning on “Imus in the Morning” pointed out that the “labor vote” is not exactly the most courted vote in a Republican
primary crossing a high profile picket line doesn't exactly drive home your “populist” anti “Fat Cat” message.
This coming on the heels of his “Have your cake and eat it too” press conference Friday, where he repudiated negative campaigning by showing an anti-Romney ad he decided not to run, one wonders if there is anybody with any media savy on the Huckabee campaign bus.