Sir Richard Branson tells Virgin Atlantic strikers to resign

Posted Jan 8, 2008 by MadMoneyWannabe
Sir Richard Branson has sparked an outrage against his Virgin Atlantic staff as they threaten to strike and "consider working elsewhere." Branson had recently sent out a letter to 4,800 cabin crew informing them he wouldn't cooperate with their demands.
Sir Richard Branson. - Photo by Digital Journal.
Sir Richard Branson. - Photo by Digital Journal.
According to Times Online, Richard Branson, who is estimated to have amassed around £3.1 billion, is facing some problems with his cabin crew. Unite Union members have decided to stage strikes starting Jan. 9-10 and Jan. 16-17.
The letter Branson wrote to the crew states that he's “drawn a line in the sand” in the dispute with his staff that belongs to the union. Branson continues with “To go further would result in unacceptable risks and would set a dangerous precedent to the company as a whole." Branson then adds that "It would be irresponsible of our management and they, rightly, are not going to take that risk.”
Though he acknowledges that other airlines offer higher pay, Branson added “For some of you, more pay than Virgin Atlantic can afford may be critical to your lifestyle and if that is the case you should consider working elsewhere.”
Branson continues to argue in the letter that the crew that uses the wages of British Airways as a benchmark is being unrealistic. Only time will tell as Branson must face the striking workers starting tomorrow.