Fire At The Fire House

Posted Dec 27, 2007 by KJ Mullins
In one of those strange twists of irony a Boise, Idaho firehouse caught on fire when an overheated pan melted and set the cabinets on fire. It seems that Tater Tots left on the stove when the three firefighters were called away got a little too hot.
When firefighters came back from a call at Station 8 they had to put out a fire in their own home away from home. It appears someone had left on a pan of Tater Tots when they ran out for a medical call.
The embarrassed fire fighters quickly put out their own kitchen blaze. There were no injuries although the kitchen cabinets weren't as lucky. There is no estimates yet on the damage.
There is a computerized safety system that should turn off appliances when the firefighters are called away on an emergency. It appears that the system though was not activated. Assistant fire Chief Dave Hanneman says that the three firefighters that were on call may have forgotten to use that system when they rushed away to rescue someone.