Op-Ed: Senator Reid and Big Feet

Posted Dec 22, 2007 by Mark L Harvey
As the political footballs of 2007 are set aside and new political footballs are formulated, Senator Harry Reid gives a hint of what is to come...more of the same of the failed DNC Double Standard tactics. There are many eagerly awaiting the new games.
U. S. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada.
U. S. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada.
Official photo
"Quite a bit, but not very much..." is Sen Reid's assessment of the 110th Congress. That statement alone reveals the internal machinations of a mind that hasn't got a firm foundation of reality, let alone the ability to lead a nation's Senate.
Quite a bit but, not very much. What does that mean, exactly? One can surmise that it means very little and if that were the case, the statement is a very accurate summary of the ineptness of the Democratic Party led Congress. The 110th will go down in history as the lamest of duck sessions in the history of the United States and this is certainly not anything to write home to Mom about. With a clearly demonstrated realm of moral bankruptcy so exercised by the 110th, it is no wonder that the realities on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan are largely ignored...when not in tune with a particular wish or desire.
There is a new political wind mounting and it will brush aside the5 feather-weights such as Senator Reid and that genre of political hacks. As one views the video as Reid utters his voice of despair, it is readily discernible that the body language is of an individual not sure of himself and is certainly not displaying any degree of confidence.
A little over a year ago, President Bush was proclaimed to be a Lame Duck President. As the year went by, there was less and less of that lock-step phraseology as the President continued to outmaneuver the alleged intellects in the American Political Arena. If 2007 was any indication that the DNC placed its best shots across the bow of the GOP, the GOP has nothing of consequence to be overly concerned over in 2008. That is, if the GOP doesn't get too cocky as they did in 2006. We tried to warn them but, we were not a force to be reckoned with as we are now.
In the interview with PBS, Sen Reid all but capitulated:
[...] "...I think we have so much more to do. And as far as Iraq, we had a responsibility."... [...]
Isn't that interesting? A present tense mixed in with a past tense. Does that make it a nothing? It seems to most that Sen Reid has proclaimed that Iraq is no longer a priority for the DNC. That has been thought to be so due to the lack of coverage of the highly successful Surge (a defective term in my estimation) in Iraq. Naturally, when there is Bad News, the once main stream media picks up on it straight away.
If Iraq is no longer a priority, Reid and Pelosi should immediately resign seeing that ending the Iraq War was their campaign credo to get elected. Naturally, they will not. That is where the moral bankruptcy oozes through the surface. They will not conduct themselves in the same manner they demand of others...subjects of their disliking. Sometimes I wonder if the once main stream media takes their cues from the DNC and some within the GOP, or if it is the other way around.
RAY SUAREZ: Well, at the beginning of this year, the Democrats returned to the majority after 12 years in the minority. You and Speaker Pelosi announced a very ambitious agenda. Now that one year has passed and you look back, how has it gone?
SEN. HARRY REID: Well, we’ve been able to accomplish quite a bit, but not very much, certainly not as much as I wanted to. I’m kind of frustrated, like the American people.
RAY SUAREZ: Well, earlier this week, the Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, was on the program. And he said, when asked the same question, “Regretfully, we’ve spent most of the year having repetitious Iraq votes and investigations of the administration. It seems like all that happened was the approval rating of Congress kept getting lower and lower.”
SEN. HARRY REID: Well, Ray, if I were one of those people in one of those polls that said “What do you think of Congress?” I would vote with the people who said we’re not doing very well.
Moral bankruptcy confirmed...he could not answer the question and nor will he ever.
Jules Crittenden has a grand summation of Sen Reid's proclamation to the ever inane mantra, "If the elections were held today..." bit. I always find that ploy "Rather" disingenuous.
[...] Yeah, well, the election is not being held today, and the pundits, like the Democrats, thought George Bush was a lame duck a year ago. Marching in tune with the president has put Congressional Republicans on the same side as the majority of Americans who think things are going well in Iraq and would like to win there.
Exactly so. In the DNC "majority", in their last act of defiance in 2007, they gave GWB exactly what the country needed...directly violating their 2006 "promises".
So much for the DNC claim to the monopoly of moral authority.