Qaddafi's Angels Guard the Libyan During Deal with France

Posted Dec 21, 2007 by Samantha A. Torrence
Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi, who has been found as a link to terrorism for decades, has become an unwitting champion of women's rights by having 40 femme fatale as personal body guards.
What man would not be pleased in having 40 highly trained and deadly body guards who just happened to be beautiful enough for professional modeling? Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi is such a man blessed with an entourage of femme fatale called the Amazonian Guard.
The Amazonian Guard are put through rigorous training at a special academy and if they make it through the basic training ordeal are experts with firearms and martial arts making them trained killers. The women who qualify for duty are required to be virgins and must be hand picked by Qaddafi himself.
There are perks to swearing allegiance and life to Qaddafi. The Amazonian guard dress in western style fatigues, can wear make up, western hair styles, high heels, and other clothing not deemed acceptable in the Muslim world. Their very existence challenges the role of women in the Islamic world and has made Qaddafi a controversial member. He has been accused of being a turn coat to his own people for not only his choice in guards, but his politics with the western world.
This week Muammar al-Qaddafi arrived in Paris to finalize a deal with President Sarkozy for a purchase that will make France 10 billion euros richer and generate 30,000 jobs. Libya has agreed to the buy 21 airplanes from the French company Airbus as well as to deal strictly with France for future military acquisitions. Libya and France have also entered into a nuclear cooperation accord which enabled France to seal Libya one nuclear reactor for peaceful energy purposes.
President Sarkozy hopes to encourage Libya to address their human rights issues by giving them a partner with an open door policy. France wants to show willingness to compromise with Libya since it denounced terrorism in 2003.