Scientists: Auras Among the Most Verifiable of Paranormal Phenomena

Posted Feb 1, 2008 by Angelique van Engelen
The visibility of auras is often disputed. This is not surprising given the fact that the sciences largely abandoned the research of paranormal phenomena in the 1970s. So where to turn if you want reliable information?
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Today only a few reputable organisations are concerned with the paranormal, including a few universities. And of all the issues they research, auras are among the most verifiable.
Scientists focus their efforts on determining what auras actually consist of. The study is also known as "energy emission analysis" and builds on the 1939 discoveries by a Russian scientist, Semjon Davidovich Kirlian, an electrical technician. One night when he was at work in a dark room, Kirlian saw that high voltage electronics when touched, materialized into a glow which extended along his entire body.
He researched the phenomenon to verify if they were auras. The electricity that was emitted through the body rips the electrons off atoms, ionizing the air and coloring the water in the surrounding air. The glow is also known as the corona plasma discharge.
Kirlian researched the effects for years with his biologist partner.Their work confirmed the link between aura┬┤s and what in science is known as the Meissner field; all objects, as they approach the superconducting phase, expell their magnetic field to their periphery.
Kirlian and his partner photographed monatomic and diatomic objects, plants, animals and humans through which they ran low current voltage electricity. Their findings were only published for the first time in the West at the height of academic interest in the 1970s in a book entitled Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain.
Nowadays scientists still use Kirlian photography to capture auras. A genuine Kirlian photo will show the glow of an object transposed to high voltage high frequency electricity.
The technique has been further developed by a German natural healer, Peter Mandel, a self described "naturopath." He developed a way to manipulate the energy flows by feeding them back into the body, after studying over one million Kirlian pictures of diseases. Mandel developed a color puncture system; Osho esogetic colorpuncture. It is a form of acupuncture to apply streams of colored light into the human body.
Some other photographers that experimented with bodily energy fields focused on optimizing energy outputs by adjusting various parameters, including the voltage quantities, the balances, the acids, and alkalis. They played around until they found the highest energy output in the accompanying aura.
Current US organisations researching the paranormal include the University of Virginia and the University of Arizona. In the UK, the universities of Edinburgh, Northampton, and Liverpool Hope all run private labs. Last year, the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory (PEAR) closed up shop after 28 years of service.