Op-Ed: Brown, Miliband sell out Britain to the EU

Posted Dec 13, 2007 by bobSP
In what can only be described as utterly reprehensible, PM Gordon Brown and Foreign Minister David Miliband signed the newest EU Treaty--a mirror of the much maligned and much hated EU Constitution (which was put down by popular vote years ago).
Referendum: Something Gordon Brown doesn t see fit to use.
Referendum: Something Gordon Brown doesn't see fit to use.
The Sun has reported that Gordon Brown and David Miliband have signed the latest attack on British sovereignty. The Treaty, which mirrors many of the hated EU Constitution articles, will likely remove all semblance of British autonomy in the very near future.
Despite the very fact that the British people have decided this issue once before, Gordon Brown has decided their opinion is very much unneeded. This "Reform Treaty" takes away the British people's right to self-governance. Under this treaty Britain's Asylum and Immigration procedures will be subject to the whim of unelected EU Judges and bureaucrats.
As a result of this treaty, British taxpayers will now be forced to foot the bill for the thousands of appeals, second appeals, third appeals..etc, etc, etc..because of the EU's supremacy over national immigration law. This bill is projected to cost millions of British pounds.
Under article 47 of this treaty, members of the EU will be allowed to freely move about to other EU nations--without any sort of naturalization process. This could cause great problems for the only English-speaking nation of the EU. With new influx of EU citizens and the increase in other immigrants (because of their loss of the 'final word', if you will), England's already struggling public health care system, currently more than 40% of Britons seek private dentists and other health care professionals over public workers, is also likely to begin to collapse (unless major reforms are made).
The very fact that Gordon Brown has seen it unfit to bring this landmark treaty under national referendum shows a complete disrespect for his people and his country. This is NOT the will of Britain, this is the will of a one-world-government-seeking non-elected official who wants to leave his mark--and unless the opposition in parliament can somehow force a referendum, his mark will be left..and a sovereign Britain will be no more.