Denver, Colorado: Most Dangerously Drunk City

Posted Dec 3, 2007 by ashley.woods4
In 1916 on New Year's Day the state of Colorado stopped all alcohol sales, predating Prohibition by 4 years. Today, Colorado tops the charts of the drunkest cities list once again.
Not only is Denver, CO the most dangerously drunk, but Aurora, CO comes in 82nd and Colorado Springs, CO finishes 98th.
The list was put together by looking at death rates due to alcoholic liver disease, drunk-driving arrests, and fatal accidents involving alcohol consumption.
The list consists of 100 cities with the cities one through ten being the safest, least drunk cities.
According to studies, stricter state laws, such as when alcohol can be sold, cut the number of fatal accidents due to alcohol. Researchers believe this is due to the fact that self-destructive drinkers tend to buy alcohol impulsively at late hours. Stopping alcohol sales after late hours can reduce the risk of fatal accidents and drunk-driving arrests.
Roughly 1.4 million people are arrested for DUIs each year, but Mothers Against Drunk Driving estimates that for every driver cuffed, another 88 are never pulled over.
The good news is, you can help. In most states the non-emergency dispatch is 311. You can call whenever you suspect a drunk driver such as when the driver makes extra wide turns, going straight through a turn-only lane, or driving with his or her face close to the windshield.