Long Lost Bracelet Found Inside Chicken's Gizzard

Posted Dec 1, 2007 by Andi Bryant
While perhaps not very tasty, a chicken consumed a bracelet once belonging to a little boy. After a barn demolition and reconstruction 45 miles away, the bracelet's strange journey ends back in the hands of its owner, 25 years later.
It was 25 years ago when young Aaron Giles lost his identity bracelet. His grandfather owned a farm in Fairmont, Minn, a place where Aaron holds fond memories of playing hide and seek with his brothers.
But a few years ago, Giles' grandfather's old barn was dismantled and the materials were recycled to build a new barn in Elmore, about 45 miles east of Fairmont. It was in those materials that Giles believes his bracelet was hiding.
He knew that it had come up missing when he was just a boy of 4 or 5, but he couldn't recall where. "I would spend most of my time out at his farm, and that's the only place I can think of that I would have lost it," said Giles.
This summer at Oleson Locker, a meat processing plant in Fairmont, Minn, the facility received chickens from a farm in Elmore, when a worker cutting chicken meat found a shiny object inside the chicken's gizzard. After inspecting the object, she found Aaron's name, address and phone number engraved on the bracelet, and handed it over to the business' owner.
"I've heard of livestock swallowing unusual objects, but this situation stands out." Mark Oleson, owner of the meat locker. "It's the strangest story that I have ever heard in the meat locker business".
Oleson was able to locate Aaron's father who now lives in Arizona, to help return the lost jewelry to it's rightful owner. Giles, who now lives in Gloucester, MA has since been reunited with his long lost bracelet. He is 31 years old.