Digital Journal TV: The Top 5 Holiday Shopping Scams

Posted Nov 27, 2007 by Digital Journal Staff managing editor David Silverberg. - Photo by managing editor David Silverberg. - Photo by
Gadgets, software and digital gear are among the most popular gifts for the holiday season. But the holidays bring out the worst in many retailers and if you're not up on what means what, you are ripe to be scammed. Here are the top scams to avoid.
Digital Journal -- Did you overpay? Did you buy a pointless gift card? Did you buy a lemon? These are some of the trickiest questions for anyone who is shopping for gadgets during the holiday season.
Some retailers will pull out sneaky tricks when they want to lure shoppers to their products, and we're not just talking pushy salespeople who belong in Glengarry Glen Ross.
Buyer beware is not clichéd alliteration, either — it's the name of the shopping game when you're hunting for the latest technology during the holidays.
In this episode of Digital Journal TV, we look at the top five tricks in the tech retail industry. We're offering our advice and knowledge of the market to help you stay clear of sketchy retail tricks.
If you're the type of person whose head spins when you think about megapixels, Blu-ray, MP3 players or computer clock speeds, this video is for you.
A cool gadget is everyone's best friend, so here is what to watch out for while shopping for that special gift.
(Easter Egg Hunt: We have a fun blooper from filming this episode so stay tuned throughout.)