Kansas Woman Makes Money Selling Tumbleweeds

Posted Nov 26, 2007 by ashley.woods4
Linda Katz from Garden City, Kansas wanted to learn how to make her own website. So, as a joke she made a website selling tumbleweeds. Little did she know tumbleweeds were in high demand and she would make a decent living off of them.
Linda's business is called the Prairie Tumbleweed Farm which she started in 1994. She began selling tumbleweeds for $15 to $25 depending on the size, small, medium, and large.
People began emailing the site wanting more information on the tumbleweeds. Yet, Linda didn't believe she would sell enough to make a decent living. That is until she began receiving an average of 15 orders per week, making her annual income around $40,000.
“When I got an order I was just amazed,” she says, sitting on the porch of her home in Garden City, Kansas. “And each order I got, I thought it would probably be the last order. I remember thinking they would probably get them and send them back immediately as soon as they find out what they are.”
NASA purchased tumbleweeds when the were constructing their Mars Tumbleweed rover.
“And if you go to their site on the NASA site to the tumbleweed rover, and you go to their links, they say that they only buy their tumbleweeds from Prairie Tumbleweed Farm,” Katz says proudly.
Hollywood also purchased tumbleweeds from Linda when filming Johnny Depp's "Neverland" and the popular kids show, "Barney."
Linda also says a lot of buyers use tumbleweeds for themed parties or to recreate the look of the old west.