Rescue dog saves owner from blaze twice

Posted Nov 25, 2007 by Chris V. Thangham
An abused stray dog rescued by the owner from an animal shelter, rescues the new owner from a blaze that engulfed her home last week. She got disoriented and was rescued by her dog.
Candace Jennings rescued Anna, the blond heeler, an abused stray dog from an animal shelter. That dog saved her life on Thanksgiving day.
Candance Jennings was sleeping on the couch in her mobile home in Idaho City, about 40 miles northeast of Boise, when she was nudged awake by Anna, to find her mobile home engulfed by flames. The dog whined and howled until they ran outside.
Jennings however wanted to go back inside the burning home to save some items. She wanted to get the keys in her backpack, the keys belong to the company she works as a janitor. She didn’t want to lose them. She crawled back into her burning home with Anna by her side.
Soon she got disoriented by the smoke and was nearly overcome by the smoke. She tried to get away but crawled in the wrong direction, but Anna showed her the way out. Anna pushed Jennings and nudged her out the door.
The roof of her mobile home collapsed soon after. Jennings suffered burns to her feet and frostbite due to the 15 degree weather. Anna and the other two dogs were not injured. Jennings calls Anna her hero.
Jennings was lucky she was saved twice by her dog Anna.