Jesus' Missing Years Portrayed in New Movie

Posted Nov 18, 2007 by Samantha A. Torrence
A new hollywood movie portrays Jesus as a wandering mystic in India who battles the iniquities of the caste system. The movie was inspired by the book the Aquarian Gospel that sheds light onto the missing years left out of the New Testament.
The Aquarian Gospel was written in 1908 by Levi H. Dowling who claimed to have received the information from the Akashic Records. The book which is in it's 53rd printing exposes one of the mysteries of the New Testament; what happened to Jesus between the ages of 13-30.
The producer Willam Sees Keenan hopes to gain not only in his pocket book but spiritually.
"We think that Indian religions and Buddhism, especially with the idea of meditation, played a big part in Christ's thinking. In the film we are looking beyond the canonised gospels to the 'lost' gospels,"
The proof of Jesus' visit to India is said to exist in the form of text documenting his visit to India and Tibet. While there Jesus was loyal to the "untouchables" and lobbied for their right to read the Vedas. This attitude holds true to the teaching in the Bible to help the poor.
"I have seen the scrolls which show Buddhist monks talking about Jesus's visits. There are also coins from that period which show Yuzu or have the legend Issa on them, referring to Jesus from that period," said Fida Hassnain, former director of archaeology at the University of Srinagar.
Hollywood has adapted the book into a 20 million dollar movie which shows Jesus' journeys to the east and the wisdom he garnered from their ancient practices. The three wisemen make an appearance as tutors to the young prophet.
The movie will also show the battle of Battle of Thermopylae in 300 style. It is also rumored there is a beautiful princess, whether or not she is a love interest is left to be decided.
As usual with any movie that cites the Apocrypha as a source, the Catholic Church has disavowed the move as nothing more than sensationalism instead of the truth.
The Aquarian Gospel movie will be out sometime in 2009.