Dog gives up life to save man from fire

Posted Nov 17, 2007 by Chris V. Thangham
A fire broke out on the roof of a home as a result of electrical malfunction. The owner was sound asleep inside, until a dog alerted him about the fire. The man was saved, but the dog wasn’t.
A dog painting. Image:
A dog painting. Image:
Bryan Smith was sound asleep when a fire broke out on his roof. He would have perished in the fire if it was not for his dog Storm. After smelling the fire, Storm jumped on Smith, waking him up and alerting him to the fire outside his bedroom.
Smith quickly grabbed the curtains, wet them for a mask and grabbed his puppy Daisy while Storm ran ahead. While Smith managed to escape, his dog Storm was lost inside the home. Smith ran to his neighbor to call the Fire Department and when he came back, Storm was still inside.
Smith tried to enter the house to rescue his dog but almost lost his life again when he lost consciousness near the back door because of an engulfing flame. The firefighters pulled him out just in time.
He told AP:"I know it was stupid, but ... people with pets understand."
Smith is now mourning the loss of his dog Storm and carries photos of the dog in his pocket.
Smith said he rescued Storm seven years ago from a shelter after the previous owners of the dog had abused it and fed it peroxide. Smith says maybe the dog was returning the favor and helped him in this crisis.
Officials think the fire may have started on the home’s roof due to an electrical malfunction.