Google Stock Options Make More Than 1,000 Employees Millionaires

Posted Nov 12, 2007 by malan
The NY Times estimates there are 1,000 Google employees who took stock options when they were hired that are now worth over $5 million. In one such story, Bonnie Brown was given thousands of shares when she began as an in-house masseuse five years ago.
Google co-founder  Larry Page. - Photo courtesy Google
Google co-founder, Larry Page. - Photo courtesy Google
Just as with Microsoft in the 1990's Techcrunch is now tallying up the new Google millionaires that seem to be popping up all over the place. According to their website, there are currently more than 1000.
The New York Times recently did a feature on one such millionaire employee, Bonnie Brown.
Brown joined Google in 1999 as an in-house masseuse after divorcing from her husband. Her salary started out at $450 a week but came with a pile of Google stock options that she took without thinking they'd ever amount to much.
Five years later she cashed those shares in for millions of dollars and continues to make money on the stock that she held onto (Google's stock has yet to stop rising in value).
She told the Times:“I’m happy I saved enough stock for a rainy day, and lately it’s been pouring,” said Ms. Brown,
When Google's stock recently shot up to $700 per share and then found a final resting place at about $664 last week, Google employees everywhere realized that yes, they were now holding some extremely valuable stock and over a thousand were now millionaires.
Google co-founder, Larry Page, has stock worth $20 billion.
Since the massive stock price jump, new employees are no longer given thousands of shares of stock as in the case of Bonnie Brown or for pennies per shares as was the case with other employees.
But for those that came to Google three months ago or earlier, their stock is making some serious money.