Prince Loses Mind, Starts Suing Individual Fans

Posted Nov 7, 2007 by malan
Attention all Prince fans: If you are involved with a website (even a fan site) that is currently using any album covers, images of Prince in concert or any Prince lyrics, you are going to be sued.
Prince made headlines in September by announcing he was suing Youtube, Ebay and The Pirate Bay for copyright infringement.
The singer now decided he will also sue his loyal fans and fan sites individually as well.
According to a new statement by Prince, not only is he coming after YouTube, Ebay and The Pirate Bay he is coming after you as well.
For an artists that seemed to be spearheading some of what the industry is calling a revolution of how the music biz works (he recently gave away his latest album for free inside of newspapers) this seems like a really odd move.
Instead of empowering the fans to create fan sites and worship him at their will, he is now shutting them ALL down completely.
For some Prince fans, this is an outrage
Techcrunch reports that A spokesman for Prince Fans United denied the sites had done anything wrong, saying the “websites are fun by fans, therefore it is an attack on fans” and that “we respect copyright laws always. However about 80% of the images on the websites are not copyright owned by Prince.”
Remember the bad wrap that Metallica got when they began going after individual fans that illegally downloaded their music? For prince and his lawyers I see an even angrier mob of ex-fans ready to drop the singer and his albums like a bad habit.
Maybe Prince just got tired of people paying attention to him and is trying to lose his fan base. Either way, this has to be one of the strangest moves ever for the guy -- and this is a man that previously changed his name to a symbol.
Bad move Prince, bad move.