Xbox Live Cheaters Will Be Punished Severely, Microsoft Warns

Posted Nov 1, 2007 by David Silverberg
Xbox Live is all fun and games, but players who violate the service’s policy by cheating can have their accounts permanently cancelled, said a Microsoft executive recently. Is this hard-line stance beneficial for Microsoft and its users?
Digital Journal — In a company blog, Xbox Live community manager Major Nelson warned users that account sharing and Gamescore tampering could result in lifetime banning from the online gaming service.
He wrote:
"I strongly urge you not to tamper with your Gamerscore and Achievements. If you decide to employ some nefarious techniques to artificially increase your Gamerscore or obtain achievements by manipulating the Xbox software without playing the game, bad things will happen. What type of bad things? For one thing we may remove the entire Gamerscore for an account that contains manipulated gamerscore…. Even worse, you might have your account and/or console banned from Xbox Live."
He also warned against sharing accounts in order to boost their rank and achievements.
He offered this pithy threat:
"While it may be appealing, in addition to violating the Xbox Live Terms of Use it can also result in you permanently losing your account. If that 'friend' of yours decides not return your account and buys a bunch of Arcade titles and movies on your account, there is nothing we can do except cancel the account since you willingly shared your information."
Judging by the harshness of Nelson’s wording, Microsoft is taking a strong stance against Xbox Live cheaters, and turning a blind eye is not going to happen anymore. Xbox Live wants an even playing field, and it’s noble for Microsoft to root out the cheaters. After all, any community needs laws and regulation to live by. Even one filled with Halo 3, Guitar Hero and trailers for the new Madden game.