Rowdy Fenway Fans Ordered to Write Essays

Posted Oct 23, 2007 by Andi Bryant
Of the 26 people arrested in Boston, seven teens were charged with disorderly conduct following the Red Sox seventh game win on Sunday night. They were given an interesting homework assignment by the Judge.
A Roxbury judge ordered that seven teens, mostly college students, write a five-page essay explaining what they have learned from their Sunday night arrests. They were also ordered to provide proof that their parent's were aware of their arrests, which involved their participation in a crowd of rowdy fans ignoring police orders to leave the Fenway Park area.
The mischievous seven faced Judge Edward Redd on Monday to charges of disorderly conduct for their behavior after the Sunday game where the Red Sox won the American League pennant.
The police had wished to clear the area quickly following the game in an effort to avoid a repeat of the 2004 ALCS win when a 21 year old female lost her life from a rogue pepper pellet.
In a statement released by the District Attorney, the group continued to stay in the street blocking the path of oncoming traffic – including an ambulance, which had to be diverted because of the crowd. When officers repeated their commands, members of the crowd began to throw rocks and bottles at the officers, prompting their arrests.
The seven were also ordered to stay away from Fenway Park until after the conclusion of the World Series, and their parents' had to sign their essays. Those were given an assignment due date matching their next court dates in November.
Police presence at the Sunday night game was 1000 strong, many from various bike patrol units.