Cat-napper steals neighbours' pets as punishment for straying into garden

Posted Oct 18, 2007 by Chris V. Thangham
Police are hunting a cat-napper who sent letters to his victims claiming their pets have been relocated as a punishment for straying into his garden. More than seven cats have been stolen from the same road in recent months.
Pet owners with pictures of their stolen cats
Pet owners with pictures of their stolen cats
The pet owners who lose their cats, receive a letter from this abductor and he outlines the reasons for taking their cats away and dumping them 25 miles from home. He said he is punishing them for letting the cats stray into his garden and make mess.
In one road in Southampton, Hants, England, seven cats are missing in a similar manner with each owner getting the same letter.
The cat-napper has said in this letter that the cats are not harmed they are just relocated to another place far away and that the owners have virtually no chance of getting them back. He also said that if the cats do return and caught again in a similar situation, they won’t be relocated like the first time but rather destroyed.
The owners are outraged by this letter and have launched a campaign to get the cats back safely and they call the author as “Sick and cruel”.
Ellie Catto, 30, one of the pet owners lost two cats the same way. She said what that person did is equivalent to theft and cruelty to animals. The missing cats will be traumatized and lost and hungry. She said her kids miss the cats also and are upset.
One of the missing cats apparently needs medication for its failing kidneys and the owner said if it doesn’t receive the medicine soon it will die.
Initially they thought someone might be doing mischief and using it for target practice. Some others thought they may have been stolen for its fur. But once they received the letter they knew that only one person stole it and dumped it 25 miles away from home.
Here is the copy of the letter from Daily Mail:
Letter: The cat-napper is threatening to DESTROY the cats if they 'invade' his garden again
The RSPCA and the Blue Cross animal welfare charity were notified and fliers have been put up at their town.
The letter gives some clues say that he lived in the area for many number of years with the family. So, hopefully the police and other detective agencies and find him from the clues given in the letter.
He could have talked to the owners directly instead of taking extreme actions like this. The owners also should put a leash and see that it doesn’t stray into other gardens.