Marry Me, Then Let's Get Out Of Here

Posted Sep 17, 2007 by Michelle Duffy
A man proposed to his beloved girlfriend on a sandy beach on a perfectly blue day, shortly before the couple hit the rocks - quite literally. After getting down on one knee, the pair found themselves stranded and surrounded by rough seas
It was certainly a moment they will never forget, yet a proposal should be remembered for the romance of the moment and not for the very first time your intended puts your life in danger, yet the poor 18 year old Lilan will never remember the day for anything else.
Young and handsome, Shaun Mancinelli, 29, a soldier based at Chippenham, Wiltshire, in England, couldn't wait to pop the question to his girlfriend and the setting seemed to be perfect at Mumbles Outer Island near Swansea in Wales.
Yet while the young pair were caught up in the moment of romance and the rest of their lives together, they had not stopped to realise that the tide was turning and the water was cutting them off from the mainland and fast.
So the pair found themselves dialing 999 for the emergency services instead of calling friends and family to tell them the good news. Instead of dreamily thinking of vicars and wedding gowns, all the needed right now was a coastguard and a lifeboat.
Yet after a safe rescue, the young bride to be could only wonder if the rest of her life is cursed. She joked with reporters when asked about how she felt about her impending wedding, she said,
"We're just hoping everything goes okay with the wedding - I'll probably have to be rescued by a helicopter for that."
She went on,
"We had walked across rocks to get to a lighthouse on the island, and he got down on one knee to propose. It wasn't a shock because I'd chosen the ring but, of course, I said yes, and we shared a bottle of wine. It got to about 6pm, which is when Shaun had said the tide would be coming in. We thought we'd better go, but then we saw the path we'd walked over was completely covered with water." Shaun said: 'Clothes off, we're going to swim it', but I replied: 'No, we're not!'. It was about 60 metres and I can't swim very well. I had to call 999 and the coastguards arrived about 15 minutes later in the lifeboat."
The couple said to be fine after their ordeal.
Ms Randall, the bride of the proud soldier said,
"I was a little bit shaken by what had happened, but it did help that we had drunk the wine. It's good to have an interesting engagement story, and we still had a great day."
Ms Randall will say goodbye to her newly acquired fiance next week as the private with the 9th Supply Regiment, the Royal Logistics Corps will be flying out to Afghanistan for a six month tour of duty.