Man Impaled By Iron Fence While Trying To Enter PA Rock Concert

Posted Sep 14, 2007 by Andi Bryant
A PA man is recovering after impaling himself with a section of wrought iron fence. Fighting his urge to drift in and out of consciousness, he held still while rescuers removed a section of fence and lowered him down
19 year old Aaron Fry had to fight to keep himself alert and still while rescue workers cut a section of one inch rods free with hydraulic cutters. One of the iron spikes was embedded deep into Fry's thigh.
Fry originally entered the Bad Boys of Rock concert with a purchased ticket, however, he and his friends were trying to avoid the additional $5 entry fee by scaling the surrounding fence. His accompanying friends managed to get over the fence with no issues.
According to the Tribune-Review, Fry underwent surgery Wednesday night as one of the iron spikes had completely embedded into his thigh.
It is procedure for rescue workers to take an impaled item with the patient to the hospital rather than remove the object. "Medical protocol is you don't remove an impalement because it may have severed an artery or nicked an artery and it could be holding back that blood," said David Nichols, West Manchester Township Fire Chief.
Rescue workers worked on the fence for 45 minutes before Fry was able to be lowered down and loaded into an ambulance.
No charges have been filed.