'Killer Bees' Descend on New Orleans

Posted Sep 12, 2007 by RobotGod
Africanized honeybees, sometimes referred to as "killer bees," appear to have established themselves in the New Orleans area, according to the state agriculture commissioner..
The Las Vegas Sun reports that a swarm of the bees were captured roughly five miles from where demolition workers found a colony of Africanized bees in January.
5 miles is close enough to the earlier find, to think that the bees might have come from the same colony. Unfortunately, they might also have flown ashore from a passing ship or barge.
"Although the exact source can't be identified, we have to assume Africanized honeybees are now established in the area and people should be careful when working outside," Odom said. The Department of Agriculture and Forestry have traps that they keep along a north-south line through the state. Also at all of the deepwater ports. This helps them monitor the bees, which are smaller and more aggressive than the European honeybees raised for honey.
"Because Africanized bees have been labeled 'killer bees' for years, there's an idea around that they are bigger than European honeybees," Odom said. "The truth is they're actually smaller but a lot fiercer." They have the same venom, but they attack in groups. Thew best advice is to find cover quickly.
Since reaching Texas in 1990, they have spread west to California and east to Florida. The first hint of them in Louisiana was in Caddo Parish in June 2005. They have moved steadily east since then, and have now been found near Pecan Island and Turkey Creek.