Madeleine's Mother Re-Questioned As DNA Results Return

Posted Sep 6, 2007 by Michelle Duffy
As the long awaited results reach the investigating police authorities today, sources can now reveal that Portuguese police will re-question the mother of missing Madeleine McCann
As the breaking news came into the Sky studios earlier today, sources can now confirm that both the parents of missing Madeleine McCann are to re-questioned by Portuguese police. Kate being the first of the two who will questioned later today.
Kate and Gerry McCann were of course, questioned when their daughter disappeared on the 3rd of May earlier this year as a part of general police investigations, but have remained unsuspected of any involvement in their daughter's disappearance.
It is felt that Kate will be re-questioned as a witness and will accompanied by her lawyer. It also has been confirmed that the police will want to question the parents separately.
This news does not mean that the Portuguese authorities now see the McCann's as suspects, although sources have leaked to Sky news that the results of sample's taken from the apartment where the girl went missing are said to significant.
It wasn't sure at first if the long awaited results had actually arrived in Portugal from the testing centre in England, but now the BBC can confirm that they have been given to authorities dealing with the case.
Mrs Kate McCann will arriving at the police station by order at exactly 1400 BST at Portimao this afternoon to begin the re-questioning.
Steve Kingstone, who is in Portimao, reporting for BBC News said,
"It's our understanding that what will take place here will be a formal police interview. This is not an informal meeting of the type the McCanns have had regularly with detectives since Madeleine disappeared."
Gerry McCann will be re-questioned by the police tomorrow (Friday.) It is still thought that, he too, will be questioned as a witness and not as a suspect.
As according to Portuguese law, the authorities carrying out the investigation into the missing four year old has still not given any other details as to the results of the DNA tests. Forensics took samples from the apartment where the McCann's had been holidaying. The apartment was rented out to other holiday makers six weeks after the child went missing.
It is the most recent event since the McCann's have had to fight off slurs about certain events which were thought to surround the girl's disappearance. One including that they had murdered their daughter. Due to this remark, Kate and Gerry have filed libel action against the Portuguese newspaper who printed the allegation.