Op-Ed: Vick's Taking Responsibility For His Actions, Nothing But Lip Service

Posted Aug 27, 2007 by Oliver VanDervoort
Michael Vick stood up at his press conference, a short time after pleading guilty to running a dog fighting and gambling organization and claimed he was taking full responsibility for his actions. I just rolled my eyes.
Sick and tired doesn't begin to describe my emotions after watching yet another ultra-wealthy, ultra-pampered public icon claim that after they were caught, after claiming they were innocent and the truth would come out (technically not a lie I guess) that now they're taking full responsibilty for their actions.
I've always been a firm believer in second chances, that when you pay your debt to society, you get a chance to resume your life. But please, for the love of god, stop insulting my intelligence by trying to claim you're very sorry for what you did.
You're sorry you got caught.
Would you have stopped participating in this dogfighting and gambling ring if you hadn't been arrested? Would you be taking responsibility for your actions if three of your co-defendants hadn't turned on you, and provided enough damning evidence to almost assuredly send you to prison for a long period of time?
To me, his short prepared statement speaks volumes about how he really feels about this situation. His claims that "worst of all" he 'let down' the kids who look up to him. Yes you did, however that isn't the worst part, Mike, you broke the law, that's the worst part. Letting down your fans is an aside to your actions. Before the next talking head claims that he seemed genuinely contrite with his statements, perhaps they should actually pay attention to what he says:
"What I did was immature"
No, it was illegal.
"I'm not going to point fingers at anyone else"
Perhaps not anymore, but the Vick camp blamed everyone but himself, including floating the idea that this was a witch hunt because he was a black player.
And finally, being someone who feels that religion is a private decision, something that should certainly be held near and dear to one's heart, why do these jackasses always have to proclaim that they've now found god? Do they truly believe that the American public is so damn dumb, so gullible, so cowed, that saying you found god, after being caught with your hand in the cookie jar, is a cure all?
When will the media, and more importantly those committing heinous acts realize actions speak louder than words?